Short Film

Paula is a short film by a young Spanish film director. Inspired by the “Nadia Case” and the scam of parents with the rare disease of their daughter, Sonia and Paco, Paula’s parents, have been using her for years to raise money at the expense of her rare disease. Now, Sonia wants Paula to pretend in front of medical experts to get her husband out of jail.
We pull pink to get into the miserable (sometimes) human condition. Alien Tango’, a Spanish indie group, lent its brilliant song ‘Honey’ to the climax of the story.
In those circumstances the poster of the film is created. An orange from the fruit bowl of the family kitchen. The short, only 4 minutes long, leaves a sour taste, contrasting with the pink and children’s tones. Hence the textures and typographies, much cruder than the colors.