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Jose Alonso Ruano
Creative Graphic Designer

Jose Alonso grew up in Spain. There his objective was to study Engineering, but his objective was truncated when awakening the creativity in his interior. He then decided to focus on his passion, passed the entrance exam to the high school of design in Murcia. That’s where his career began. He has passed through several design colleges in southern Spain, learning the best from each of them.

While investing his time in different projects for different companies, he was hired in an online marketing agency with the aim of guiding the design department, making web design projects, branding, infographics and social networks. Now he has decided to leave his country and settle in United Kingdom, where he hopes to continue learning from this exciting world of graphic design.

Dedicated to bringing brands to life through graphic design, his key focus is to exceed client and employer expectations. He enjoy collaborating with clients, creative teams and production professionals to deliver design solutions propelling brand, the creativity and social media engagement.